Help with a funeral builder (variables)

I need to count some variables for a funeral website I'm making, this seems the right tool for me to visually do what I want and I just know that variables will do the trick here, but I can't get it to work.

Can you help me?

The idea is that each item you add to the funeral builder adds a cost, if you take the item away it subtracts the value. Trouble is it will only add, not subtract the variable.

I know you guys will be able to help in a flash! I've added the .story file and the sample of it is here:


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Designboy Chris

One other thing I can't get is the coffin chooser, it lets me click the button and adds 450 to the cost but it won't let me add more actions to the button. It is on a new layer, is 360 unable to add buttons inside layers?


Any help would be amazing guys! I uploaded the working file so you can dissect my work!

Designboy Chris

Yes the actual job is very random. The client wants a totally different approach to funerals Lets say he is putting the FUN back into Funerals ;)

I'm still unsure how  Michael was able to do the triggers on the buttons. They add 455 to the price, but when you uncheck the amounts again they reset.


I will upload a fresh build of what he done to the link here: 

Note Michael was able to call the variable to the screen to make note on what coffin was chosen. It is the cost now I want to add.

Eg . 

coffin one is 455
coffin two is 555

and so on.

I'd love a reset button, so I'm going to make one called standard coffin at 455 that you can override with. Any ideas on how to apply the buttons to each layer?


Use Michales version (

if you want to look at the current version.


Designboy Chris

Wow - I feel bad now, you kinda done my job for me! I really appreciate that, I love reading what you done to learn how to do it! 


I'd made this version :

But I can copy over your trigger changes and finally get it to work!