Help with a project created in Storyline 3

Hi All

Please can you help us as we are running out of things to check. 

We have created a rather large project which includes systems demos of various scenarios. To create these systems demos we recorded using both view it and try it mode and have in fact combined these two in some of the scenarios. In other words you will view a few slides and then on the last few you are required to try it (click on buttons) as we are wanting to bed down new functionality or steps. 

Overall this file  is 74 444KB in the zipped file format.

The issues we are experiencing is as follows:

Every now and again the screen goes completely black. Generally between the transition from view to try. Even when just in preview mode.

As the file is too big to upload (even in the zipped form) onto our LMS (Oracle OLM) I have been placing the file on the back end and then referencing the index_lms_html file as the starting url (this is the one we normally use).  When we play the course in our LMS  we are experiencing two issues: Firstly the player set up, which included the removal of the menu on the left, has been over written and the menu is back, and secondly the course starts in the wrong place.

If I delete quite a few of the scenarios to make the file smaller and then upload as per normal in the LMS then we do not experience these issues. 

The course is too big to share and I am not sure we would be able to because of the content but I really need some ideas in terms of trouble shooting what could be going wrong. 

Please if you have any ideas let me know. 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Leanne,

That certainly is a large file. Hopefully someone in the community is able to chime in with their experience and best practice advice to share.

I'm certainly not familiar with the non-traditional way you are uploading, so I'm not sure if that would cause issue with the playback of your course or if it's simply how it's pre-loading due to the sheer size.