Help With a SL2 Weekly Challenge # 1

Jul 27, 2015

I posted this a few days ago and got a response, but he is using SL1.  My challenge is being built using SL2, so he suggested I repost.

I am new to the ID field and am starting the weekly challenges from the beginning.   I am having trouble on the first challenge (

My goal is to have all of my layers show at the same time so the learner can see size relationships between multiple items.  I searched for a solution and I tried clicking on the gear for each layer and unchecking the "hide other slide layers" box.

Is there anyone who could take a look at my SL2 file and tell me what I am doing wrong?  I have included a link to my file.   Last time my request was posted to the discussion like 10 times (or more), yet I only posted it once.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

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David Anderson

Hi Matt,

You did the right thing by enabling each slide layer to not hide the other layers. The only thing preventing each layer's airplane from showing is that you added a solid background picture to the bottom of each slide layer.

Delete Sky.jpg from each slide layer and you'll see your airplanes overlap one another.


David Anderson

Hi Matt -

Thanks for the super kind words re: the community. That really means a lot coming from someone who works in the customer service industry! Thank you.

So your file looks really great overall. If I were to make any suggestions, they would be to:

Lighten the background graphic. The sky graphic is a really nice touch but it weakens the contrast between the airplanes and the background. I made a super subtle tweak to fade it out a little.

Scale the planes up a bit so they use up more of the screen. Since we're talking about comparisons, I think the plane elements should be a larger focal point.

You added transparency to most of the graphics but I think you missed it on one of the green planes. I updated the plane to include some transparency.

That's all I can think of. You can find my updates in the published version:

I also attached my updated file to this thread.

Thank you so much for sharing your project!

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