Help with a video slide

Oct 23, 2014

Can anyone help me with a problem?
I've set a video slide (the video is in the base layer) that has several layers which stop the video each at a time. but when I go back to the previous slide and then enter the video slide again - the video runs without stopping...
Have anyone had such a problem (and solved it)?

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narrative Bareket

Hey Brian, thanks for replying!
The video is on the base layer of the slide, and starts running
automatically. some layers that contain explanation captions are trigerred
along the timeline and stops the video (as it is on the base layer) until I
click on a button to continue - the caption layer disappears and the video
runs again.
The problem is that when I go to the slide before, and then returning to
the video slide, the video on the base layer doesn't stop when the caption
layers appears... (Hope I managed to explain it)
Thanks, Ofer

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