Help with Branching Scene

Hi All,


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of my navigation triggers in this particular scene.

1. I've got a slide (let's call it "A") that serves as a sort of a jump off point for three other slides within the same scene (let's call them "B", "C" and "D")

2. There are three clickable groups of images on slide "A".  

3. Each one sends the user to one of: "B", "C" or "D" depending on what they click

4. Upon reaching B, C or D, when the user clicks "next" they are taken back to "A" where they can select the next jump off point that they choose.

5. The next button is set to be disabled when the timeline starts

Everyone with me so far?

Here's where things get slightly more complicated.

6. When a jump off point icon is clicked on in "A", the triggers are set to change them to "visited".  

7. When all the icons leading the B, C and D have been clicked on (in otherwords, when they have all been visited), I have set up the trigger to change the state of the next button to "Normal" when the state of all the icons is "visited"

So, here is my challenge:  

When I view slide "A", my triggers behave as expected.  

However, when I view the entire scene, my triggers do not behave as expected.

The "Next" button on Slide A fails to change its state to normal when slides B, C and D are visited. 

I'm wondering where I'm going wrong, and why it works with just the slide, and not with the scene?  


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Andy Learning Specialist

Hi Jacob,

 If I'm following you,

It's because your trigger that changes the Next button to disabled when the timeline starts trumps the trigger that changes the next but to normal based on the visited states.

 Here's the workflow: You visit B, C, & D. Upon clicking D, all of B, C, & D are now 'visited.' The next button changes to normal. But you advance to D. Upon your return to A, the trigger to disable the Next button is reactivated and is disabled.

 Solution: Put a condition on the Next button trigger to only change to disabled if B, C, & D are not visited.

Or, create your own navigation buttons and you can have more control over them. And use variables to track movement from slide-to-slide.

Ron Price

I agree with Walter . . . . adding conditions to your "Next" button instead of disabling it may be more bomber.  You may also want to add a layer that the next button triggers, letting them know why they are not going anywhere when clicking "next".

Also, it sounds like you have added triggers to change the buttons to "visited".  Visited states are automatic and do not need triggers.  Sometimes adding triggers to do something that Storyline already does can make things act up.  I would delete any "change state to visited" triggers.

Walt Hamilton

Visited states are very reliable if the user is traveling to different layers on one slide. However, if the user is going to different slide, especially with some branching there, Visited states may become confused. If you find that to be the case, I recommend variables instead of states for your conditions. Variables never get lost, nor do they change on their own.