Help with conditional triggers

Jun 15, 2015

I'm trying to set up a conditional trigger and did a test in SL2 before I built the game and it worked in the test but won't in the game or here.  I am developing this game with the capability of multiple players so I couldn't really use the built-in quizzing options because I couldn't see how to assign the score to different teams.  I have no programming experience so I'm just trying to work through the logic logically, if that makes sense.  It's probably something simple but I'm stumped.  I can use any help I can get.  By the way, the correct answer is on the incorrect layer. 

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Terry Coe


So I changed a lot around to help me understand the wording, and found that because you defined what an incorrect answer is with the three different terms and a logical "Or", even if you type the correct answer, there are two other answers that would trigger an incorrect response. I erased the incorrect defintion. Then created a trigger that said that if the value of Correct was false, show the incorrect layer, if it was true, display the correct layer.

See if this helps out.

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