Help with Creating a Matching Activity to Retain a Selected State

Mar 27, 2013

I'm creating a matching activity in which the user selects two cards. I have the logic working that if the two cards do not match, the first selected card changes back to the Normal state. 

I'm wanting both cards to move to a Selected state when the two items match, but I am only able to get one card to retain the Selected state. The two cards that I have selected are the Top Right, and the Bottom Left (Sorry if I ruined the game).

I also want the cards to maintain the Selected  state, once the matches have been made. I purposefully have not used layers.

Attached is the template.


-Nich (with an H)

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nich,

It may be because you're using state names that are assigned to default states (which will have slightly different reactions when objects use these states). If you name the states to something different, this should work pretty well for your cards.

For example, I removed the other triggers and created different states for the cards in the top right and bottom left. The states I created are "RoosterSelected" and "RoosterMatch". 

Now, when you select one card and have the other selected, both should remain selected or the final choice will highlight with the orange state you have set up for the match. 

I'm attaching the modified file, just in case you want to check this out. I haven't added anything for the other cards, just the roosters. 

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Nich!

You could use a variable for this, possibly a True/False or a Number variable. If you use a number variable, you can calculate the clicks. Once both roosters have been selected you can trigger that variable amount to display the "Matched" version of the cards. 

Here's an example of how you could set up a Number variable for this:

I'm also attaching the file, so you can check it out. Again, keep in mind that I haven't added anything to the other cards.

I hope this helps!

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