Help with Drag and Drop activity -URGENT-

Jul 29, 2016

I have a drag and drop activity, in which 2 of the correct drag options are correct whether they are dropped on either rectangle 1 or 2. As this can't be done in a drag and drop freeform, as it doesn't allow for one drag option to be correct in 1 positions, I used the workaround with Drop correct states and 2 buttons (in which the correct one changes state to selected when both correct drag options are on drop correct state, and the opposite for the incorrect option).

The problem is that I have 3 more other incorrect options that the user must be allowed to drag, and when there's already a drag item on the drop target, the previous one doesn't move, so it overlaps.

I needed an option like 'allow only 1 item in each drop target' but as I can't use the drag and drop freeform to use that option because of the 2 correct drop targets, I don't know what to do. Anyone care for some help? 

PLUS, I need it to track because that question is part of a test, and the workarounds I found don't let me track the correct result!

This is urgent because I need to hand it in TODAY.

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Mica Oli

I could make the activity 'track' by making a new phantom activity right next to that one that imitates the result of the previous one. Here's the whole exam, so you get an idea of the issue. The problematic slide is slide 8 (named 'Pregunta 7'). It has a load of different triggers to make it work, which technically, it does, but when you put the 2 correct options, then put an incorrect one, and then the correct one again, it shows the incorrect feedback (when the activity is correct because both correct responses are on their places).

Walt Hamilton

The slide Pregunta 7 Nueva does what I think you want. You may want to leave instructions that the user must drag an option off the space in the sentence if they want to change their answer. Because this is not a drag and drop slide, there is no other way to prevent the drop targets from having more than one answer.

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