Help with drag and drop

Hello everyone

I have a tricky question for you that needs a brighter head than mine to solve. Take a look at my picture in this post. Here is what I am trying to do:

1. The students can click on the persons (1) to watch a lightboxed movie

2. After watching the movie they must decide what leadership level in the pyramid that leader (1)belongs to

3. If 1 is dropped on A or B the state must switch to the Wrong state

4. If 1 is dropped on C then state must switch to the Correct state

Here is where my brain implodes.

The state switching is no problem. That is a simple change state when dropped on object. And they switch to back to normal when dragged over the rectange image.

Problem is the movie which is playing the lightboxed movie when the user clicks... When you drag and drop you also "click" the image", and hence the movie of course begins.

I really want the movie to play when clicked on, and I also want the images to be draggable. I also want my students to always be able to click that picture and watch the movie again if they want to, so hiding the original picture is really not an option.

Attached is my story file. Any ideas? 

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Greg Cannon

You could have a shape overlay on top of the draggable image that triggers the movie, once the movie has finished the overlay shape changes state to hidden meaning the user can then drag the image. The overlay state can be changed back to normal when drag item is dropped onto a drop zone...does that help at all?

Morten Skoglund

Hi Greg.

Thank you for the feedback. However there is a problem with this. Since I am lightboxing my movies I cannot use the "media completes" trigger.

I could place the three movies on each layer and use it. But it would take many shapes since I want the students to be able to watch the movie wherever they drop it.

Solution so far = Dobbelclick to watch the movies....