HELP with drag and drop. Working on a "join terms" custom model (360)


I'm working on a model of joining terms and I think I'm on the right track but I have a problem with the "drag and drop" that is blocking me from moving forward.
Although I have activated that only allows dragging one object (the right circles over the left ones) over another, I can drag two objects to the same destination and the two remain in the destination in addition, by removing one of them, the one below is removed causing unwanted operation.

I have attached the file to see if you can give me any ideas to solve this behavior

Thank you

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David Tait

Looking at your file it is the case that only a single drag item can be dropped on one of the targets at any given time. Which is good as it means that part of the functionality is working as desired.

The issue is that when you drag and drop an item and the connecting line becomes visible, then you drop the other shape on top of it, the state of the line isn't being reset (even though the other drag item is returning to its starting point), making it look as though both drag items are sitting on top of the same target.