Help with embedding videos?

Hi all, my first post! I'm pretty new to Articulate 360 and I love it! I have a problem with embedding videos in slides and am hoping to get some ideas from this forum. Thanks a lot in advance for any advice you can provide!

1. I frequently create videos, upload them to a private YouTube channel, then embed them into a slide (Insert --> Video --> Video from Website and paste the embed code). This keeps the file size of the Story to a minimum, which is nice. Our allotted space on our LMS's server is limited. 

2. The problem is that when the Learner views the course, and the slide launches the video, the Learner sees the seekbar from YouTube within the Storyline Player. This of course tempts the Learner to increase the playback speed of the video, or skip ahead in the video, and then wonder why they can 't advance the slide (I have triggers that Normalize the Next button when the Storyline timeline reaches the end of the video that the slide is playing).

2a. I hid the seekbar in the Storyline Player on that particular slide, no problem, so the Learner only sees one seekbar because they got REALLY confused when they saw two seekbars.

3. Does anybody have a way to play videos in Storyline that don't have this issue? 


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Mike DiFonzo


When you click on Embed code in Youtube, uncheck Show Player Controls. This will add controls=0 to the embed code.

I can't remember if this also removes the seek bar though. I run into the same issue and I end up inserting the video into SL so that they can't advance until watching the full video. There's also an option in SL to show or hide the video player controls. I can't remember if that's for videos that are inserted or if works for embedded videos too.


Fred Smith

I came back to this. I turned off the Show Player Controls in the Stream equivalent of YouTube and it's better but not great. The learners are just skipping ahead or doubling the playback speed in the video and then complaining because the course won't let them advance. That's because I have a trigger that disables the Next button until a certain number of seconds has passed (that number being the length of the video), not until the video reaches the end of its timeline.  I'm OK with people complaining, they just need to watch the video as-designed and not try to cheat the system.