Help with exporting data input from learner into document

Hi everyone,

I am sure that I am probably the hundredth person to ask this question but I am hoping to find the easiest solution to my dilemma.

I have just completed several eLearning projects for my medical association. One of the final projects consists of a problem solving activity with faculty at your home institution. The student and faculty mentor should go through the eLearning together. The faculty mentor is available in case the student has questions. Throughout the course, the learner is asked several questions like "who would you talk to in case this situation occurred" or "who could help you solve this problem". The learner should type their responses in the text boxes and at the end, I would like the learner to be able to export or save their answers so that they can have them and refer to the document for future use. I am currently loading my zipped files into an LMS if that is helpful.

Any help, recommendations or links to previous threads would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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