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Hi there everyone,

Happy New Year!

I've read around all the forum/tutorials prior to posting this question. I have been tasked to set up 10 multi-choice and single choice quiz slides which deliver a different feedback slide with audio and relevant artwork depending on which answer is selected.

So if there are 4 answers and 1 is correct but the end user selects an incorrect answer I need them to see a feedback layer/slide with audio related to that incorrect answer  and then get 1 more chance to answer correctly.


I have looked into feedback by choice (link below) but it isn't what I need because each feedback will have a different design etc. I don't want a master design for all feedback slides. Essentially I think I need a layer for each answer but I don't know how to tell Storyline 360 to display the correct layer after the end user clicks submit and then let them have another crack at the question. 

I've attached a diagram to explain and was hoping someone might have some suggestions. Fingers crossed!

Thank you very much!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Joel

If you change the number of attempts on the form view to 2 that will add a 'Try Again' layer that will allow you to add specific feedback before the user has a second attempt. Because you want specific feedback for each response you'll need to create extra layers.  See attached rough sample.  I have a try again layer when they answer A incorrectly and another for C incorrectly.  I also have an incorrect layer when they answer A incorrectly on second attempt and one for C incorrectly on second attempt.  

Each layer can be customised as you want with audio/video/formatting

Hope I have understood what you wanted...shout out if I can help anymore


Jeff Forrer

Thanks Wendy, I was putting together a similar file as we speak. ;0), I can post what I have it helps, but essentially working towards the the same approach as Wendy's.  She got a little further ;0)  Questions, or further help needed feel free to ask.  Happy New Year.