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Jun 10, 2014

I have built a slide with buttons (each leads to a different scene) and each has a Normal, Hover and Visited state. Once a button has been clicked I want it to still be clickable but for the hover image to stop appearing.  Any help would be very appreciated!

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Bob Wiker

Hmmm, doesn't seem like there's a straightforward way to do this. You may have to build some sort of workaround where you Hide the button after it's been clicked and Show a button in the same spot (and of the same size) whose States are designed the way you want them. Or, put these 'second' buttons on layer(s) and have the layer(s) appear after the 'first' buttons [on the Base layer] have been clicked.

Rose Sanan

Hi Danica,

On the project I'm working on I've got buttons that are hidden to start and then become normal after the previous button is selected. If none of your buttons are hidden to start, then you only need the first trigger. If your buttons are hidden you will need two triggers, as follows for each button.

First Trigger:

Action: Change state of

On Object: (button)

To state: Visited

When: Mouse hovered over

Object: (button)

On Condition: (button)'s state is visited

Second Trigger:

Action: Change state of

On Object: (button)

To state: Normal

When: state

On: all of (select the previous button, the one that must be visited before the hidden button can change)

Is: Visited
On Condition: (button)'s state is Hidden

Both of these triggers must be in order and before the trigger to jump to any given layer or slide. You must also uncheck the Restore on Mouse Leave option.

This may sound a bit confusing so if you have any questions please let me know!



Bobbi Vernon

We used the button that is native to Storyline. However, it appears a hover state is being applied to the VISITED state. The visited state is gray with black font.

We have four of the same button on each page (they were formatted, then copied and pasted). Once the button is changed to the VISITED state, hovering over the button turns the font white for two of the buttons. One stays black. And the last one has one word in black and one word in white. (I'll try to get a screen capture that shows this.)

What we don't understand is why the formatting of the button is changing once it's already in its VISITED state. 

Bobbi Vernon

Thank you for your assistance, Leslie. I've attached a document that shows the HOVER state issue for buttons that are in their VISITED state. I hope it helps to clarify the issue. I'd love to know your thoughts on what could be going awry. The fact that we copied the button but each button shows a different behavior has us befuddled. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bobbi

if I find I have an issue with an inbuilt state - I create my own - delete the default ones and then use triggers to control.

Have you tried creating a new project file and importing your current file in - maybe there is something glitchy...or if you want to upload your .story file - someone here might be able to cast a fresh set of eyes over to see if anything pops out.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bobbi, 

Thanks for sharing the screenshots here. It was helpful to see what you're describing, but I think we'd also need to see the way the states are set up and what occurs when we copy one of your buttons as well. If you're able to share even just that one slide it would be incredibly helpful. You can attach it here using the "add attachment" button or as Wendy said send it along to our Support team and they can sign an NDA if needed. I'd also agreed with Wendy's recommendation of importing it into a new project to see how it behaves there. You can follow the steps here for importing. 

The hover state would only not show as a default if the button were in the disabled state, per the definitions of the built in states here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing the .story file. I didn't see anything off in the way the buttons were created, but I was able to copy and paste the one working button and recreate the others and then they behaved as expected with the black text. This is uploaded for you below. 

You'll want to review the other information I shared in regards to working on local project files, and let us know if odd behavior persists in your file. 

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