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Aug 07, 2019

I am trying to build an accordion interaction and am practicing. The idea is that when you click on each tab, it will slide over and reveal a different layer. When I preview, the first tab works but the other ones don't - even though I copy/pasted the triggers and updated them from the first one. Not sure why. Can someone take a peek at this and let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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Diane Fallier

You have to add triggers to the layers because the layer rectangles are not the same rectangles as the base layer. When I'm creating an accordion, I set the triggers on all the rectangles before I copy them into the layers. That way when I copy the trigger is copied as well.

I've attached an updated file with the additional triggers.

Carla Segurola

Thanks so much, Diane. It sounds like you are saying the duplicates of the rectangles are because one refers to the ones on the original slide and the other is the one on the layers. Is there an easier way to determine which one is which? Can you explain a bit more why you put the triggers on the base layer as well as the individual  layers? I may be overthinking this, want some clarity on that as it's still a bit confusing. I'm working through your changes but want to be sure I am understanding. Thank you for your help!

Diane Fallier

Each layer of the slide has its own objects. So the rectangles you see on the base layer and the rectangles on each of the layers are separate objects even though they look the same. For an object on a layer to perform an action, that object must have a trigger.

To help you conceptualize, you may want to rename the rectangles on the layers to be something like lyr1_rect1, lyr1_rect2,..., lyr2_rect1, lyr2_rect3... This will help you see that they are all distinct objects.

Hope this helps.

Carla Segurola

That helps, Diane. I have another question - I've seen a sample of these where the bars do a nice little fade as you click on them. When I highlight the bars and go to transitions then fade, and preview it, it doesn't have the desired effect. I have also added the fade transition to the bars in the layers and tried that and have also played with the duration of time and none of that has produced the effect either. Any tips on how to get a smoother transition look on these? Thanks!

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