Help with layers staying on screen

Oct 25, 2022

Hi everyone!

Could someone help me with something, please? I want for the user to be able to click a hotspot or button on the base layer on a table and for a layer to come up but it stay up while they click the next layers so that the entire table populates after they have clicked each hotspot. 

OR--have the text inside shapes and they start out hidden and then when the user clicks the hotspot/button they turn to normal/visible. But again they all stay up, populating the table. 

I've tried both ways and can't seem to make it work. Story attached. 

Thanks in advance!


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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Kathleen Murphy, for the first SL file (table_updated), I simply removed the duplicate table & hotspots from the layers and placed only the text that needs to be visible for the user upon clicking on the corresponding hotspots.

On the second SL file (table_updated_1), I placed the text boxes from the layers onto the base layer and updated the state initial state of each text box to hidden. So once user clicks on the hotspot, the corresponding text will be visible.