Help with limiting exam attempts

Dec 10, 2018


I'm trying to limit a user's exam attempts to 2 before they have to get remediation from the course subject matter expert. 

I've created a new variable labeled "ExamAttempts" , the type is "Number" and the default value is set at 1. 

On the results slide, I've put the following trigger on the retry button: 

Action: Adjust Variable 

Variable: ExamAttempts 

Operator: +Add 

Value of 1 

When: User Clicks 

Retry button

My logic is that when they initially complete the course and go to the exam and fail it (the first time), they will hit this retry button and it'll log that they're now on their 2nd try. After their second attempt, if they fail I want Storyline to be able to tell them they've reached the max amount of attempts before they must seek the course SME for remediation. 

When publishing the course into Articulate Review, I'm able to take the exam myself after 3 or 4 failed attempts. 

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? 

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