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I have a file that when they reach the end they click a quiz button taking them to the quiz in the LMS.

I have another screen at the end of my course - so when they complete the LMS quiz it reloads the course and takes them to a final screen.

Currently when it reloads it takes them to the Now complete Quiz screen.

Any suggestions welcomed?



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s amer

Thanks Brian - Yes the Articulate Course is also in the LMS.

For the quiz: SCORM? AICC?>>I'm am trying to find out!

Basically I need this inforrmation in bold from the LMS quiz!

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Brian Allen

As far as Storyline goes, you can build in the type of logic you're looking for using variables and triggers. It's not beginner level authoring, as you'll need to leverage (probably) multiple results pages, custom variables, triggers and variable references.

The problem you may run into is getting it to actually work in your LMS. I'm pretty sure you'll need to use SCORM 2004 to do this kind of course linking (the right way) in a LMS with individual SCOs. You'll want to confirm that your LMS supports this kind of SCO linking functionality, as not all LMSs fully support SCORM 2004.