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Macy Frost

I was a total variable rookie before coming to storyline so let me say there's a light at the end of the tunnel!


What exactly are you hoping to change with variables? I'm guessing when somebody picks the "justa causa" you want the "justa causa" layer to show, etc., and if they don't pick both cards, you want the incorrect to show?

Ron Price

If you convert to a free form drag and drop - you could have a much more elegant solution, without any additional triggers or variables.

The current design looks like you want the user to select 2 that match, then select 2 more that match, and so on.  (like the old concentration game)  As you can see from your first attempt, that requires a lot of triggers to pull off and possible more layers than you are currently using.

I will take a closer look


Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Thank you Ron for your suggestions. Russell below actually provided me with the solution I was looking for. I knew I could do drag and drop but I wanted to stick to the original idea of a memory game and that is why I needed the True/False variables to work.

The problem I had was that once the learner successfully matches one pair and returns from the Correct layer as soon as he selects a new card the software takes him to an incorrect layer because it believed that the learner was selecting the third card with the previous pair. In other words, I needed the first pair to be forgotten/not considered/ but still present so that when the learner returns he can continue matching the rest of the cards.

Hope that made sense. I am grateful though that there was a solution found.! :)

Thank you for your time and help!

Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Hi GLoria,

I already had the cards matching the problem was making them work after being selected because the software remembered the ones that were matched and selected and then when you try to match a second pair it keeps taking you to the incorrect layer even though all you wanted to do was just match a second pair. Luckily, Russell offered the solution I was looking for with the true/false variables.

Elena Stankovska-Castilla

Hi Leslie,

All is good now. Russell offered the exact solution I needed and it is working just the way I wanted it to work. I had a problem with the cards once the user had matched one pair and was trying to match a second pair, but as soon as he selected a card, the programme would think that i was trying to match the first pair with a third card and I was in reality just trying to match a second pair. I am now going to take a closer look at these variable solutions and try to be understand how it was done.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Dana!

Thanks for clarifying that a memory game is not what you're looking for. I've dome some searching for a matching game that does not require memory, card flipping, or dragging-and-dropping, and I'm not finding anything so far.

Shout-out to the community: Does anyone have an example of a simple matching game that would fit Dana's needs? If so, please share it here!