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Sep 24, 2019

Hi there,

We are using Storyline 3 and have hit a problem with the buttons we have on our menu.

So we have buttons that link out to chapters and we have a visited state on each button. What we want to happen is for these buttons visited state to only appear once the chapter it is linked to is complete.

What is happening at the moment is that as soon as we click on a button it changes to the visited state.

Here is what we have done to try and make this work:

  • Variables - ChapterOne Status, Number, 0 value
  • Menu Slide - Trigger saying: Change state of Menu Button 1 - to Visited When ChapterOne Status changes
  • Menu Button - Jumps to specific slide
  • Last slide in chapter one - Adjust Variable, ChapterOneStatus, +Add, Value 1, Timeline starts, Next button 1

We are obviously missing something and we are stumped as to what!

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Randy Hill

The easiest thing to do here is to not use the built in button states. Create a custom button state that you could name Complete or something. Then use a true/false variable for each chapter. Set the variable to change to true on the last slide of the chapter, then on the menu, change the button to Completed state when chapter variable is true. 

Otherwise, if you want to use the built in visited state, do the above, but on the menu slide have a trigger that says if chapter is false change button to normal, then once the variable is true the visited state will stay. 

Diane Fallier

Storyline has predefined behavior for the visited state. To do what you want, you should create a custom state to the button. On the menu slide, set a trigger to change the state of the button when the timeline starts if the variable tells you the chapter is done.

In the last slide of the chapter, set the variable that tells you the chapter is done when the timeline starts.

Let me know if you need additional guidance.

Glenn Hopper

Hello Diane,

I think I'm having a similar issue with visited buttons and unfortunately the file provided on this thread as a solution isn't quite clear to me.

My sample file is attached and I'm hoping you can guide through a solution:

All slides in the presentation are advanced manually by the user.

As each of the required list of buttons is clicked, it triggers to the correlated slide with more information on that subject. That subject, once read by the user, has a button that returns the user to this Functionality (source) slide for the user to make another selection.

I’m trying to get each/all visited buttons to show they have already been clicked and therefor the user need not select them again. But each time the user returns (by design) to this source page it reappears in it initial/default state.

I’ve tried using the States tab options of both “Visited” and “Selected” but to no avail. Please advise. Your help would be greatly appreciated! – Glenn Hopper

Ren Gomez

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for sharing that file! Two things to take into account here:

1. When Revisiting, you'll want to set your Menu slide to Resume Saved State, so that when the user returns, the state change to Visited will remain.


2. You'll also want to re-style your Visited state so that it's not the same as your Normal state to show when it's activated. I've started the first one for you in the file attached. Take a look and let me know if this helps!

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