Help with multi-language courses please

Sep 02, 2012

Hello all

I have developed a course which has 4 branches (one in each of English, French, Swedish and Dutch) and at the head of the course is a language selection screen that allows the person using the course to choose the language and hence the branch.

This works well, however I need a way of changing the global language as at the moment the Storyline player and all of the buttons and menus appear in English for every branch. I need to be able to change to the relevant language based on what branch is selected from the langauge selection screen so that the button text and menus appear in the appropriate language, ie if they choose English the player and buttons etc appear in English, if they select French the player buttons appear in French etc

Can someone please help as I cannot for the life of me work out how to do this? I really hope it is possible as every course I create moving forward needs to be in multi-language

thanks in advance


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