Help with multi layer interaction please

Hi there I am hoping someone can help me. I have created an interaction that has a base layer with 3 objects that when clicked, each displays a layer with information about the object. When this layer is closed by clicking a button on the layer, another layer is displayed containing a tick that appears on the object to show it has been visited. THis works fine on one object, but when I click the 2nd or 3rd object, the original tick disappears. The idea is the objects can be clicked in any order, and marked with a tick when visited, but I want the ticks to stay in view on the base layer until all 3 objects have been visited and have ticks on them, so the user can then click Next to move on. I hope this makes sense - can someone help explain how I can do this? thank you

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Matthew Graham

It sounds like it is resetting the base when you go back. 

Try using states to show the ticks instead of layers.  When you go to the layer for a particular object, you can create a trigger that hides the layer and goes back to the base, AND a trigger that changes the state of the base object when  it's clicked.  Attach both of those triggers to that button on the layer that closes it.