Help with Multiple Numeric Entry Quiz Question

Hello!  I have set up this multiple numeric entry quiz question.  At one point I had it working, but for some reason it tells me the answer is wrong when I have the right answers.  Any ideas what is wrong with my setup? 

I want the user to type "96" for "Mylanta" and "Donnatel" and "288" for Lidocaine in order for the answer to be marked correct.  If any of these three are incorrect, the answer is considered incorrect.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rita,

It looks like the triggers you've set up there are correct, but without seeing the additional triggers that submit the question as "correct" based on your buttons state, it's hard to say for certain. If you're able to share your Storyline course with us (or even that slide) we'll be able to take a closer look.