Help with Multiple Response Quiz Trigger

Hi all! I'm building a multiple response quiz question and I've hit a road block. Looking at my Before Check Box screen shot, you can see the available answers to my question are "GIU" and "Approve." Here's where I'm stuck, when a user selects "GIU," I need a "Rejected" text box to pop up, as shown in my After Check Box screen shot. I'm able to have that rejected text box pop up using a layer, however, if the user decides that "GIU" isn't the answer they want to deselect their answer, I need the "rejected" box to disappear. That's where I am stuck. I don't know how to make that box disappear. Maybe using a layer isn't the right thing to do? I'm not sure. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

I just worked on GUI checkbox, you can copy the triggers I used for the other checkbox so you can see how it works. Alternatively, set up the state for rejected on GUI the same was as you did for approved instead of using a layer.

I created a button set, which means when the user selects one option, the other options can't be selected. 

Hope this helps and good luck with your project.