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May 01, 2015

I have a course that uses custom navigation buttons set up on the master slide. The back button is there on every slide at all times but the next button only appears at the end of the timeline once the user has completed all the interactions on the slide. I'm currently using the option to "reset to intial state" because when the user goes back in through our LMS and reviews the course I want them to be able to redo the interactions. However, I really would like for the next button to already be there if they've completed the course once.

Is there any way to do this or do I have to decide if I want them to redo the interactions OR have the next button there?

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Brett Rockwood

There are probably a few ways you could do this. The first that comes to mind — and I'm not sure it's the best — would be to create a duplicate of your Next button and put it directly on top of the main Next button that appears at the end of your timeline. Set the initial state of your new Next button to hidden and then set a trigger on your original Next button to change the state of your new Next button to Normal when the user clicks the original Next button. That way when the user goes through the course the first time and they click the Next button it turns on your new Next button (which is directly on top of your original button.

You would want to change the "reset to initial state" command you have on now to "Resume saved state."

I'm sure there are other ways you could accomplish this.

David Tait

Another option might be to use a True/False variable, let's call it 'nextBtn'. When the user clicks the button to redo the interactions on the results page (assuming you have one) you could set the variable to True.

You would then add the next button to a layer on each of your slides. On the base layer you would need to add a trigger that displays your next button layer as long as the variable is set to True.

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