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Jan 10, 2017

I have created a course that has Back and Next buttons built into the slide master, with a box covering the Next button that disappears when the slide reaches the end.  The slide has voiceover and a blank player--no sliders, buttons, etc.

The problem I have encountered is that when the student clicks the Back button, either the Next button is re-hidden (if the slide is set to resume beginning state) or the voiceover doesn't restart (if the slide is set to resume completed state).  Is there a way to automatically restart the voiceover upon clicking the Back button, but still hide the box that covers the Next button?

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Pete Rix

Hi Katie,

If the box you're using to cover the Next button lives on the content slide and not the master slide, you can control the visibility of the box, per slide, using a variable and a couple triggers.

Create a variable to determine slide completion. Easiest way to do this is by creating a "True/False" variable that is set to "False" as it's initial state. You can name the variable whatever makes the most sense to you (ex. Slide#Complete).

Under the States tab, set the initial state of the box to hidden.

Then add these triggers to your base layer:

Change state of [box] to "Normal" when the timeline starts with the condition "if [variable] equals to "False"

Adjust variable [variable] to "True" when timeline ends for the base layer.

Change State of [box] to "Normal" when the timeline ends for the base layer.

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