Help with next button please

Hi, I've set up a tabs interaction with branches to three other slides.  The next button is disabled until all tabs are visited.  When I press the third tab the button appears briefly, but when I return to the original slide it is still disabled.

AArgh what am I doing wrong?  I've noticed that the trigger for the button is under one of the tabs - but I can't seem to change that.

Any help appreciated - I've spent hours on this. 


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Walt Hamilton


Every time you return to the slide, the first trigger sets Next to disabled. You need another trigger to change it to Normal if all the other slides have been visited. Use the trigger you have, that is attached to the "Is confidentiality absolute?" star.  Select the trigger and notice that when you do, the "Is confidentiality absolute?" star is selected. Copy the trigger. Click on a part of the slide that is empty, so nothing is selected. Paste the trigger, and it will be attached to the slide, not one of the objects.

Change the "When" part of this trigger to "When the timeline starts".  "When the state of ..." is very dependent on timing, and does not always reliably initiate your trigger.  It works well in conditions, but not in the When part of triggers.

Also, please note that objects that have a visited state have a built-in trigger to set their state to "Visited" when they are clicked. Having a manual trigger to set that state is not only unnecessary, but may interfere with the built-in trigger, causing strange (and seldom wonderful) results.