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Feb 20, 2020


I have a project that was created in SL 2. I updated it to 360 and my colleague edited it using SL 3. Currently, when a user clicks a link, like slide notes or a link to a reference, the timeline isn't pausing automatically like it normally would. Could a support person provide any insight to what the problem is? I could have a trigger to set the timeline to pause; however, our learners aren't used to having to click the play button when they return to the activity so that is not my first choice here. I'm just confused why this would seem to happen randomly. 

Thanks in advance. I've attached the SL file.

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Anji Heath

OK...I did some more checking so I wanted to provide an update to this, mainly for the tech support folks. If you look at this module that I published several months ago, you'll see that when you play the activity and click to access the documents in the Resources section, the module will pause the audio on the timeline, then resume once the user has closed the browser window. 

Now compare that to the one that was published this morning: Note that when you click on the documents in the Resources section, the audio doesn't pause. To make it extra special, the timeline appears to run long then. You can see that once you click off it, the timing of the bullets and ending of the slide is all off after you close the open browser window. This can be double-checked be referring to the actual SL file where you can see the timing for the end of the slide and bullets is as it should be. I definitely think there is a bug in one of the recent updates that is causing this issue.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for contacting our support team as well, Anji

I see that Phil was able to work directly with you and has shared the details for our team to further investigate.

This conversation is linked to the report so that we can share updates with you here when we can.

In the meantime, installing Update 35 should alleviate the issue you're seeing if needed.

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