Help with "pick many" subdue states

I have made a pick many to look like multiple choice and am having trouble getting the answers to behave properly.

I want to have incorrect answers subdue when clicking the 'try again' button on the feedback panel that comes up after hitting 'submit'. Right now I can't get them to work independently of each other although I've tried everything I can think of.

So for example, if button 1 and button 3 are selected (#1 which is incorrect), after hitting 'try again', I'd like button 31 to subdue, but #3 (one of the correct choices) should stay 'selected'.

If I can get put on the right path with this, I'd appreciate it. I'm working in the recent version of Storyline.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Charles! Thanks for the detailed write-up of what you're looking for. Let's see if this updated file achieves your goal.

On the Try Again layer, I added triggers to change the state of Oval 1 and Oval 2 to "Subdued" when the user clicks the Try Again button.

Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Charles Radanovich

I'm back with more questions -- Is there any way to deselect a choice once I've clicked on it? I realize now that if users change their mind prior to submitting, they're out of luck.

And, although I'm going to suggest to the client that they eliminate the "all of the above" choice, the way the programming is right now, if that choice is submitted, when you then click the 'Try Again' button on the feedback screen, all buttons go back to their 'normal' state except the correct answers. Those stay selected.

I'd like all the buttons to go back to normal, so we don't give away the correct answers, but if users get one choice right (like selecting 1 and 3 together), 'try again' should keep the one correct button selected, which how it currently works. I don't want to lose that effect.

Further help on this would be appreciated.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for sharing your additional requirements as well as an updated slide for us to take a look.

  1. Removing the trigger to set the state of the objects will allow you to toggle them to selected/normal as expected.
  2. Setting a condition when the variable of Select All is toggled will allow the items to be re-set if needed when Select All has not been used.

See if the attached is closer to what you would like to see.