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So, I've been set a task of creating a review tool in articulate storyline 3 (not 360).


I'm wanting certain functionality but I'm struggling to find out how to do it.


  1.  A review slide. So I have a likert scale from 1 - 10 which I was hoping would tot up a score. (So if user selects 10 on one question, then 2 on another it adds the points up together then at the end of all the questions it gives a final score).
  2. Restrict scenes. Is there a way of restricting scenes. E.g. I don't want the user to access scene 2 until scene 1 has been completed. 
  3. Menu page. I have set up a menu page and created triggers so a button changes colour wants it's been visited. Is there a way for it to change once a a scene has been visited?

I'd really appreciate guidance with this!

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Paul Millardo

Also for the third question I think the answer is yes. 

One approach that can I can imagine is to make a layer visible when a certain trigger is executed thereby changing the color of button.

There may be a better way of accomplishing this depending on the presentation.

I hope this helps.