Help with Resume option


I am in need of expert’s help! 

I am in process of developing a training (using Storyline 2) where users will need to enter their name and pick a character that will appear in various slides of the training. I would like to know how can I have returning users enter their name and character selection if they chose to go with resume where they left off.

To comply with our LMS guideline I will need to have the Resume option turned on. Many thanks for your help.


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Crystal Horn

Thanks for the details, Susmita.  If you use variables to keep track of which character they chose, their selections should be remembered when they resume the course.

Here's some information on how variables can help remember learner input.  So for example, when they choose Character A, you could have a true/false variable adjust to true.  And Character A will be shown on different slides based on that variable value being true.

Text entry fields generate their own text variables which can be referenced again and again throughout the course.

Hopefully you'll get some community input as well on different ways to design this idea!