HELP with revisit button... ASAP!!!

I am making a demo that has like 9 scenes in my story.  The first time it is viewed we want the users to go through it as designed. At the end of the demo I have added a "menu" page so if they want to review specific sections they can.  Here is my problem, I want a menu button to only appear when the last slide of that scene has been REvisited.  Can someone help me PLEASE!



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Adam Kenworthy

Hi Megan,

I am just trying to visualize your course.

So my thinking is on that last slide of that scene you want the menu button have the menu button set to hidden.

Then add a number variable. On that slide adjust variable by value of 1 when timeline starts on that slide.

Add trigger that changes stat of menu button to normal when timeline starts if variable is greater than or equal to 2.

I am not sure if I am on the right lines as to what you are looking for, and quite possibly someone may have an even better option.

I have attached the files to help.