Help with sequencing steps?


Is it possible to change a setting on the sequencing steps so a step disappears once the learner has selected it in a process? I'm hoping to replicate a f2f sequencing activity that has 12 steps (unfortunately the # of steps makes it hard to do drag and drop). It's not ideal but i'm hoping I can make it work. You can see the activity here:  (Also, I can't edit the steps--they have to match what the department has created.)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Paige,

While there isn't a way to remove the steps from the dropdown list once they've been selected, this would actually make a good drag and drop activity! I put one together for you here. If you like it, feel free to import it into your project!

Check out the slide in action here! Notice the instructions pop up before the learner can begin the activity. 

David Shook

Hi Paige,

I wanted to do something that is kind of similar to what you describe in your question in my How to Build a Campfire project. I ended up using a variation of the drag and drop question in the Build Your Campfire user interaction scene, but used a series of these questions. I removed the answer for each question from the following question's list of available answers. If you would like to do so, you can check out the published project at the following link. I attached the project file if you are interested in seeing the details.

Build Your Campfire user interaction