Help with sharing a Storyline template.

I've created a Storyline template and shared it with others in my office. When the others save it and open it up, the fonts don't 'fit'. The text boxes are the same size, but the fonts wrap. They haven't changed size though. They're Frutiger 55 - 12 pt on both machines, but on the other machines they don't fit in the text boxes. Is there a setting I need to use when creating  the template or is there a setting we all need to add in Articulate to keep them the same size?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stacey,

If the text appearance is changing, they may first want to check their DPI Settings.

Storyline will function as expected when Windows is set to 96 DPI (dots per inch).

Storyline doesn't currently support 120 DPI. If your system is set to 120 DPI, you may experience erratic behavior, such as:

*  Elements of the application are misplaced or distorted.

*  Objects are misplaced or distorted when previewed or published.

*  Zoomed images don't work as expected.

*  Font sizes are incorrect after using the translation features.

Here's how you can switch to 96 DPI:

Let me know if they try changing that option and still have issues with the text displaying in the template.