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Sep 11, 2020


I have a slide with several layers. On one of the layers, there is a bulleted list of frequently used websites. My manager has asked if, when the narration reads out the items in the list, can images of those sites appear.

I have screenshots of the sites. I've been able to add one image, for now, to fly in at the specific cue point. Is it possible to add a trigger to pause the narration  and have the image fly out when the user clicks on the image and the narration continues?

Thank you


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Ryan Crockett

Hi Karen,

To stop the timeline you can use the Pause timeline on this slide trigger. You would set it to when the animation completes. The Object would be your picture and the Animation would be entrance.

To begin the timeline again, you would use the Resume timeline on slide trigger. This time you would set the When to when the user clicks and set the Object as your image.

You can use use the trigger multiple times on a slide. You  mention you are using layers, which can add challenges for this since a layer has a separate timeline from the main slide. It may make it easier to break the layers into separate slides if possible and then have the images appear/disappear on the main slide timeline. I have attached an example of the interaction on a single slide with no layers. 

I hope this helps you get to where you need to be with the project.


Karen Wicks

Thank you both. I've been able to achieve the desired result. I have another question...

Is there an easy way to position the image for the entrance and exit motion path animation so it doesn't jump. I'm finding it very fiddly to position the 5th image. It jumps to the right a couple of pixels on the exit motion path.

Thank you


Ryan Crockett

If you are moving the image using animations (fly-in, fly-out), it shouldn't jump. If you are using two motion paths, then the ending point location of the entrance path may not perfectly align with the starting point of the exit path.

Go to the Animations tab, select the image you want to adjust, select one of the motion paths, then click the dot (either green for the start of the exit motion or red for the end of the entrance motion) that is in the middle of the picture on the stage. Look at the X and Y positions. Repeat this for the other motion path. The X and Y position of the two paths should be the same. If they are not, you should adjust them and the jump should disappear. 

Here's a screenshot of the red end dot for the entrance motion path selected.