Help with State Changes and Triggers

Hello, this is my very first SL project. I did a copycat of Nicole Legaut's Flashcard activity, but I want to add a "visited" state to the flashcards. I have (kind of) figured out how to do it, but not the way I want.

I want a check mark to show up after they click a button (which reveals a slide layer), and click the next (or any other of the 8 buttons). Right now, it only works when they click the next button twice. I tried to find a setting that said something like "Change state of [THIS] when user clicks anywhere but here." so once they click the button to reveal the text underneath, the next time they click anywhere else, the button will show as visited.

I'm also having trouble making the Visited state "stick" when they click other buttons. It seems to be resetting back to original state (or perhaps the base slide).

Additionally, I think I might be confused about slide layers work, and "best practices." Should I be hiding the base layer? Should I only have the "new" slide layer text on the slide layer, and not repeat the same buttons that are on the Base layer? I tried to copy what Nicole did in her template, which repeated the same buttons on the Base layer in the Slide layer.

I probably need to share my file, which I prefer to do privately. I'm not sure how to do that. Thanks :)

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