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Jan 30, 2017

Hello E-Learning Heroes.

I have created a scene (the opening slide 1 is attached). I have created a trigger for each of the main topic images to reveal content when dropped on the "Go" object (Slide 2, for instance).

I am directing users to return to main topic slide (slide 1) after reading or completing the content and I would like for the "visited" state (Slide 1.Object State.Visited) to reveal the check mark once they return to the Main Topic slide (slide 1). I have also attached how I have attempted to create a trigger to "change the the state of." Which I know I am not doing correctly.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.  I do hope my screenshots are clear.


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Michael Hinze

I don't have SL1 anymore and had to open your file in SL2, which is not backwards-compatible. So, I have to describe what I did, using The Introduction object on slide 1.2 as an example:

1. Create a T/F variable, e.g.  'Section01Complete' with an initial value of False.

2. On slide 1.3: Add a slide trigger to adjust the value of variable  'Section01Complete' to True when timeline starts.

3. On slide 1.2: Duplicate the Visited state of the 'Introduction' object, call it 'Completed' and delete the Visited state. Then, add a slide trigger that changes the state of Introduction to Completed when timeline starts, under the condition that variable 'Section01Complete'  is True.

Hope that makes sense.


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