Help With States

Help! I'm having a problem with setting a state and I've been staring at this thing for an hour.

I've set the state of the word "Ideate" to change from gray to orange when a layer completes, as you can see here: Image 1

Image 2

So far, so good. But I also want the little mascot to change colors too. And no matter what I do, I can't get it to happen. I've uploaded the files. Any help would be mightily appreciated!



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Walt Hamilton

Visited is a built-in state with its own set of built-in triggers that you can't see or change. When you write a trigger for it, they may conflict, with results like those you have seen.

You don't need a trigger to change the state of Text Box 2, it will do so automatically when clicked. I copied the visited state of Picture 4 and named it Completed, changed the trigger as you see, and it works.


Eric Weisberg

That didn't work. And when I changed the video on the timeline to start after four seconds, the changed state from the base layer showed the whole four seconds until the videos starts (despite the fact I have the slide layer box checked to hide the base layer). Weird. Any thoughts?