Help with States Needed

May 08, 2012

Hi all. I have been using states quite happily in Storyline, and love the feature. However, I have run into something that has got me stumped. 

Up until this point, the states I have been using are like for like in terms of size. So a blue box changes to a red box etc. However, today I thought I would use the states functionality on a set of pictures - 'hover over the picture to see the impact of XYZ'.

These pictures are not exact sizes, and what is happening is that the 'Normal' state is still visible behind the 'Hover' state. (Same with 'Selected' state when I have tried this.) Is there any way to get the 'Normal' state to become invisible, while the 'Hover' or 'Selected' states are in play? Am I doing it incorrectly?

I realise I could use layers to get a similar effect, but for this particular interaction changes that come and go as a hover would be very helpful. Thanks in advance. 

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Brian Batt

Hi James,

When you're creating the Hover state, what method are you using?  Try this:

1.  After you insert the picture, select it & choose Edit states

2.  Create a new state & choose Hover

3.  Select the image in the slide & choose the Format menu in the ribbon

4.  Select the Change Picture button & insert your new picture

Does that help?  If not, post your .story file & I'll take a look at it.

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