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Oct 20, 2017

I am trying to make slides stop at various moments and I know about the "pause timeline" trigger. But I would like the timeline to pause after each paragraph of text or row of table for instance, and I do not find how this event can be set... "after end of paragraph" or "after end of row" is what I am looking for.

Incidentally, in this slide, why is the bottom line of the table not showing up, until later in the timeline ?

Thanks !

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Chino Jose Navarro

Hello Phillippe,

You mentioned that you want to pause the timeline after each paragraph. I accessed your file and I can see there is one pause trigger when the timeline hits 3.25s and it resumes when you click on the slide. Once you click on the slide it resumes and activates your highlight (rectangle 2) for the first two rows and fades away and continues on to activate the other highlights. I am assuming that you want to pause the timeline after the first highlight?

If that's correct, I see a trigger for the second highlight (rectangle 1) that pauses the timeline when it hits 3.25s. Since it's past 3.25 already, it will just continue on with playing the timeline. 

You can set the second highlight's trigger to pause the timeline 5.84s. This will make the timeline pause before it activates the second highlight. Just re-adjust the other highlights to a similar fashion.

Also, I didn't see the bottom line table not showing up, until later.
Does it happen when you click on preview or the play button under timeline?
Feel free to send a screenshot of it as well. 

I do hope I was able to solve one of your problems, let me know if you need anything else. 

Happy course making!

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