Help with Storyline 2


I've created a linear video on Storyline 2. The first scene comprises of graphics, a voice over and music. 

The second scene is a screencast (imported from Camtasia into storyline 2). 

Now the problem that am facing is - every time that I publish the course, the voice over does not play in the video. Only the background music plays. How can I resolve this issue? Seeking your help on this. 

The source file is attached. 


Nimisha Verma

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Michael Bauer

Hi Nimisha

I am assuming here that the audio and the video are two separate files, or are they combined?

Also, you forgot to attach the file, but In the meantime you could check to make sure that, if a trigger is required to play the audio, that this is working correctly or alternatively make sure there isn't one that will stop or pause it. If the audio is in the video, check the video settings in Storyline to make sure that you haven't accidentally selected to mute the sound in the video.