Help with Storyline on LMS

Hoping this makes sense.  I have 3 slides where I have a link that takes the learner to an external website.  When I (the only person with Storyline on her PC) view the published training, I can click on those links and then still return to the original training.  When I publish it to my LMS, and take the course, when I click on the link, it takes me to the external website, and then I can't return to the course.  I'm assuming this is a nightmare within my LMS but was hoping it's something I can correct in Storyline.

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Angela Oleksiak

Hi Nancy, thx for the suggestion.  I tried switching it from opening in a new browser to opening in the current one and when I changed it to open in the current one, it didn't open at all and instead went back to my LMS screen!  :(  I tested the URL within that little options window in Storyline so I know it works, and it works if I view the project without putting it into my LMS so I think it's my LMS.  So now I want to cry, am I the only newbie designer who gets to the point of tears?.... At any rate, much thanks for your speedy suggestions.  They are greatly appreciated and even if they don't help now, they will help at another time.  

Angela Oleksiak

That's how I originally tried it and it says, "The web address you entered cannot be displayed in a frame.  In order to function properly, this web object must be set to open in a new browser window".   I think if it let me check "display in slide" I would be ok.  But thank you so much for trying!