Help with Storyline project, buttons/states/ zoom & spotlight

Nov 22, 2012

Hi There, I need some help with my Storyline project I am creating for work.

Problem 1#

This will sound like an amateur question but I've created a few slides with buttons and want to have different states ie from normal to hover to visited to new hover to selected. The normal is a beige button with a question mark icon, the 'mouse over hover' is the same with a 1 pixel soft glow, then when they click the button it reveals a layer and changes the button state to 'visited' which is a dusky green with a label in white text (icon removed) - the problem being that when you mouse over the button after the 'visited' state has started, the text goes away or hover with question mark returns... i feel like I just get right, publish it, and it doesnt work!!

I also tried a selected state to be the same as the visited state but still no joy - can you take a look at my project?

Problem #2

In another slide, I want to make 2 pictures zoom out on mouse over hover, without having to have a 'zoom picture' icon on the pictures. Any ideas? At the moment I created another state to activate when mouse over hovering that shows a larger picture for each but depending on how 'forward' or 'backward' the pictures are, they are showing the enlarged picture on hover, but the other picture or nearby marker are over the top of it. I need these to remain underneath. I thought of doing a spotlight on the picture instead of this idea, (so that the rest of the slide is transparent blacked out behind it) - I watched a screen cast on how to do it but it had no audio or written instructions along with it and I didn't know how to decrease the size of my slide I was working on in Storyline in order to put in a shape frame around the picture in the correct size... hopefully somebody knows what im talking about!

Appreciate your help, rookie needs to be a pro asap!



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