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Apr 23, 2018

Hi There: 

I've created a self-assessment that helps students understand their current knowledge about their degree program. At the end of the assessment, they are given a score (out of 100) for each of the following areas: coursework, community, and career pathways. I have a recommendation variable, that adjusts based on the three scores. For instance, if the coursework score is lower than the other two scores, the recommendation is to read a guide related to researching coursework. The variables work if one score is lower than the other two, if all the scores are equal to 100 or if all the three scores are equal. 

Where I'm having issues is when two scores are equal and lower than the other. For instance, if the coursework and community scores are equal and lower than the career pathway score, I'd like to recommend students read the coursework and community guides. This variable does not pull correctly when tested. 

Any advice? I know variables execute in the order they appear, so I think I have them in the right order. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached the .story file, and the order of variables is in a screenshot below: 




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Walt Hamilton

Consider this situation:

Career = course

career and course < community

The way it was set up, if career and course were equal and less than community, the earlier trigger would set the recommendation to  career and course (like you wanted). Then the late triggers would come along and change it. So it looked like "career = course" wasn't working, but it was. It was  "career is less than EITHER ONE OF course OR  community" that wasn't working. Well, it was working, but it wasn't producing the results you wanted.

The only time you want to set recommendation to  career is if career is less than BOTH course and community, which is why you need the AND.

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