Help with Swapping States with Triggers

Ok, I know it is late and I've been in the Story for over 14 hours straight, but I'm pretty sure my programming logic has not left me complelety.  I cannot get a simple state swap to happen on an image.  My hunch is that I'm thinking about the logic engne incorrectly. 

I have a door graphic that I want to swing open when the user clicks on it.

The door graphic  has a custom state:  s_Open which is a reversed image of the Normal state

Door Trigger 1:

Action: Change State of Door- "picture"

To state: s_Open

When" User Clcks

Object: Door - "picture"

on Condition: Door- "picture's state is Normal

[With just this trigger, all is good...I get an open door]

Door Trigger 2:

Action: Change State of Door - "picture"

To state: normal

When" User Clcks

[When I add this trigger below the 1st trigger, nothing happens at all]

Now if I reverse these in the Trigger stack, the door opens but does not close.


I worked around the situation with a hotspot but I'm curious why my initial approach did not work



Object: Door - "picture"

on Condition: Door- "picture's state is s_Open

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