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Jul 01, 2015

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to create the following text entry interaction as part of an interactive simulation. Maybe I'm trying to overcomplicate things, but what I'm trying to do is:

1. Get the learner to type something into a text entry field then hit the 'ENTER' key to evaluate their answer and get feedback

2. Move the simulation to the next screen in the case of a correct response

3. Display a 'Try again' layer in the case of an incorrect response

4. Create a variable that increases by 1 each time the learner enters the incorrect information into the text field and hits 'ENTER'

5. Once the above variable is greater than 2 (i.e. the learner has had three tries at trying to enter the information), display a 'Move on' layer (which replaces the 'Try again' layer on the 3rd incorrect response) which tells the learner what they needed to enter, and features a 'Continue' button. Clicking this 'Continue' button shows the information entered into the text field, and automatically moves the simulation to the next screen

In particular, I'm having problems with steps 4 and 5. I can create the variable and get it to work with hotspot questions, I just can't work out how to apply it to text entry questions.

I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance :)



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Prashant Patil

hi luke,

please take a look at attached file, i have just added some triggers in try again layer

follow the steps and may be your problem will be solved

1) allow more than 3 attempts in form view settings

2) Add 1 to variable attempt count on timeline start of incorrect layer

3) hide the Retry button if attempt count is greater or equal to 3 

4) Show the correct response text box if attempt count is greater or equal to 3

5)And finally jump to next on time line end of try again layer if attempt count greater or equal to 3

i hope this helps.


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