Help with timing of captions on screen

Hi All

I have run into a snag with a course i am working on. It is a systems training piece and to get the slides we did screen recordings and inserted then as step by step. However we decided not to use the timing on the slide but rather to let the learner use a forward and back button to work through the steps. We are also not showing the mouse movement or the actual screen recordings but rather just using the slide images created. 

I have removed all the triggers that referred to timeline and made it that all objects are on screen from the beginning to the end of a slide. 

However i am finding that the caption is literally only staying on screen for the time duration of the slide. So for example if the slide is 3s on the time line the caption will stay on screen for 3s and then disappear. Only the captions are doing this. The actual slide image and the shapes I added remain on screen until the learner clicks next. 

How do i fix this?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Leanne!

Double check the caption object on the timeline--do you see a little arrow indicating that it will be shown until the end of the timeline? If not, right-click the caption object and select Show until end. 

Also, you'll want to be sure the caption doesn't have an Exit Animation. Click the Animations tab from the ribbon, and be sure None is selected in the Exit Animation section. 

Let me know if that helps!

Alyssa Gomez

Awesome! Glad I could help. Storyline automatically generates captions with fade-in and fade-out animation on step-by-step slides, so you'll have to remove the animation slide by slide. 

If you decide to create more projects like this in the future, you may want to try turning off the captions and then just create your own custom captions that you can easily copy/paste after producing the step-by-step slides. You might find it faster than going back and removing the animation on all the captions that were created automatically by Storyline.