Help with Tracking in Saba LMS

I uploaded my Articulate Storyline 2 Course to our Saba LMS. We want it to be compatible with all mobile devices (including android, ipad, iphone, etc) and have the SABA LMS mark the learner as complete. Unfortunately, it's not tracking properly. Does anyone have any experience with this? What should the settings be? Please see screenshot of my settings, and it they are correct? Thanks a lot.  Anna

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Ali Goulet

Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out here, sorry you're seeing an issue with tracking! It does look like you have the correct settings in place for what you want to track. When you say it isn't tracking properly, what is going wrong with it? Have you tried troubleshooting your LMS using SCORM Cloud? It's a great way to tell whether the issue is file specific or LMS specific. Let me know how that goes!

Ali Goulet

Hi Anna, thanks for the additional info. Were you able to reproduce those findings in SCORM Cloud? It's an industry standard for LMS, so I would recommend uploading your course there and testing it out. You can create a free account if you don't already have one. If you see the same issue in SCORM, then it may be related to your file itself. However, if you don't see the issue in SCORM Cloud I would recommend reaching out to Saba support. 

You can also attach your .story project file here in a comment and I would be happy to test it out for you, as well. :)

Dave Cox

Ha Anna

When you uploaded your content to SABA, did you preview the content, and then view the content communication log? If not, that is a good place to start. 

In SABA, at the bottom of your Content Details page, there are two links, Preview Content, and View Content Communication Log. Click Preview Content, and go through all of your content. When you have finished, click the View Content Communication Log to view the SCORM interactions. There will probably be several in the log, so you will want to scroll down to the last entry. Look for cmi.core.lesson_status. This value should set to passed, failed, complete, or incomplete, depending on your course settings. You can also view your score as cmi.core.score.raw. 

Ali Goulet

Thanks for popping in to assist here, Dave!

Anna- I would suggest giving Dave's advice a whirl first and see how it goes. If you're still experiencing issues with tracking after, you can share your project file privately with me using this form.

You're also more than welcome to pop in here and edit out any personal info in your comment, if desired. :)

Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

Do you know what version of SABA you are using?

I have experience with version 5.5, and my organization recently upgraded to 7.3.

Saba does some weird things with tracking course progress, particularly with Articulate.

It doesn't always reliably mark/complete Articulate Storyline courses, even when you have a linear path that is simple and direct.

One way I have worked around this issue is to dig into the REPORTING and TRACKING settings (as seen in your PUBLISH to LMS screenshots).

From there, you can select the TRACKING TAB (left hand side of the screen), and try using a QUIZ SLIDE to force Articulate Storyline to send a completion message to the LMS.

You can do this by adding a very simple Quiz Slide that has nothing more than a single button that triggers a correct answer, with no other options. 

If you place this Quiz Slide at the end of your course, and then configure Storyline in the REPORTING and TRACKING settings to use this Quiz Slide as the final element, you should be able to complete this course once you re-publish & upload it to the LMS.

Give it a try, and let us know how things work out. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any time.

Good luck!


anna fidz

Began course on September 8th. I logged in today to continue the course. After I logged in, I went to the ME page. I saw that it said the course was in progress, and I clicked on the red circle to continue:


Unfortunately, this link brought me to the beginning of the course and not to the place where I left off (I believe I was up to Module 3 - Budget Development). I tried to exit out of the course and use a different link to retrieve my previous progress:



The system now saved my new progress at the beginning of the course and lost my previous spot from September 8th.


Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

Glad to hear you solved your course completion issue. :)

However, re-starting courses is an entirely different situation.

Unfortunately, my organization has the exact same issue as yours. 

As far as I can tell, this appears to be a bit of a glitch in tracking progress elements between Saba and Articulate Storyline.

I'm speculating that it's almost like either Saba isn't receiving enough information from Storyline to track location progress accurately, or Storyline perhaps isn't sending the details Saba needs in a very specific way in order to ensure that the course resumes where it left off more precisely.

Hard to be sure precisely who is "at fault" here, but I would venture Articulate would benefit with direct consultations with Saba, Cornerstone, and other larger scale popular LMS companies, to ensure that future updates to Storyline operate more consistently with this particular LMS, if not multiple LMS systems.

If anyone has any thoughts or more information on this scenario, I'd love to hear them. ;)


Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

Sorry, I don't have a work around for interrupted course progress. 

The issue appears to be at the LMS and Articulate system level, so it's a bit beyond my scope.

Ali, maybe you can forward this item on to the technical team, to see if they can add this to the "list of things to add/improve" for Storyline 3? ;)


Mark Shepherd

Hi Anna:

I never said we didn't use that feature.  ;)

At the moment, we are advising our learners to be careful with it, as this aspect often jumps back several slides from where they left off, so it has some minor consistency issues. 

When we inform our learners of this detail, they at least understand that stopping part way through involves some risk on their part, and it's up to them to decide how to manage it.

Unfortunately, we simply don't have the resources to chase down every technical system glitch between two larger companies that should be able to primarily resolve them on their own, hence my bringing Ali and Articulate themselves into the discussion. :)