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Hi all!

I have a slide that I have converted to a drag and drop interaction (Freeform). Instead of asking the learner to submit the interaction with a button, I want the slide to advance on it's own after all the objects are correctly dropped on their target. I set the drop target settings to where the objects only stay if they are dropped on the correct target and I tried to do this using variables (I'm sure there's probably another, much more efficient way) but it doesn't work. I have duplicated my project settings and attached an example. How can I get this slide to advance on it's own after everything is dropped correctly? 

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Tracy Parish

Hi Madeline:

Yes, you can do it all with variables (if you wanted), but a simpler method would be to use states.  I added a Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect State to each letter. 

Then when the State of each letter is equal to Drop Correct the slide advances. 

I made 2 versions, one uses your Free Form version (you'd want to use this because it's easy to make - less triggers - and you can score/track it).  The trick to this one is to ensure you click the Design Tab and then Drag&Drop Options and turn off DELAY ITEM DROP STATES UNTIL INTERACTION IS SUBMITTED.  I made the states of each letter green/red just to see that it was functioning okay.

The second version is created the same way, basically, but it is done without using the freeform drag and drop.  I've manually created the same interaction here and with some triggers have the same effect.  This one wouldn't be used for scoring.  

Both would move your learner along your course.