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May 20, 2013

Hey, all. Trying to have my Continue button to check how many attempts the learner took to click the right area on the screen (the Insert button) and then show a layer if the attempt count is correct the first time (I want it to show layer 'Success' in that instance). If 2 or more attempts is made to achieve success, I want the layer 'Tip' to show.

Either way, clicking Continue should show a success message along with the Success or Tip layer, which I placed in a custom state.  Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

My file is at 

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Stephen!

Pretty good start, from what I can see. Thanks for sharing the file!

You already had a number variable set up in the file, I went ahead and renamed this to "InsertClickCount" (really just for my benefit) and set the default value to "0". I added a trigger that will +Add a value of "1" when the learner clicks on the button over the "Insert" text on the slide. 

I added another trigger to the "Continue" button that will show the "Success" layer when the user clicks, if the value of the variable is 1 or greater (if they've clicked it more than once). 

I added another trigger that will show the "Tip" layer if the variable is "0" (they haven't clicked on "Insert"). 

Can you take a look at the attached file and see if this works for you, please?

Thanks and welcome again, Stephen!


Stevie V

You're so kind, Christine! Thank you!

I tested this and it's ALMOST there. I need the layer 'Tip' to show if the attempt count is greater than 1. I still get the Success layer if I click anywhere that is not the Insert button. Works SUPER is the user clicks Insert the first go-around, but just for those who take 2 or more attempts to click Insert, that Tip layer needs to show instead of Success.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephen!

Ok, so just to be clear - you want the "Success" layer to show when the learner has only clicked on "Insert" once, correct?

Do you want to show just the "Oops" layer if they haven't clicked it at all and show the "Tip" if they click it more than once?

Or are you wanting to show the "Tip" when they haven't clicked it at all and if they click it more than once?

Just want to make sure I'm totally understanding what you'd like to do before I start modifying the triggers :D


Stevie V


I do want 'Success' to show if the learner has only clicked 'Insert' once *as their first and only attempt* prior to clicking Continue. If they happen to click anywhere else in the spreadsheet area *and then* click 'Insert' finally (2 or more attempts), then Continue should know to display the 'Tip' layer.

The Oops layer is not related to Continue, since it is not part of quantifying click counts.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephen,

Ok, I see :) The only issue I can see with this is that the state of the "Insert" button is changing to "Disabled" once its been selected. 

You can modify the original trigger for the "Success" and condition to only show when the variable is equal to "1", and have the "Tip" show if it's greater than "1". However, adding to that variable gets a little tricky if the user cannot click on it a second time. 

You could add more to that variable if the user clicks outside of the "Insert" button when the state is "Disabled", I suppose. However, it may just be easier to remove that "Disabled" state. Just depends on how you want this to work :)

I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, or if this isn't working for you, just let me know.

Thanks again Stephen :)


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